What Our Clients Say

We are proud to have 6-Figure and 7-Figure earning software and digital product creators as our clients. They market and sell their extremely popular courses, which individually retail for $1000 and upwards. The more the demand, the more these courses are pirated. All of them rely on us to keep the illegal shares and downloads monitored, delisted from search engines and links and files removed, around the clock, 365 days a year. They can’t be wrong.

Anti Sharing really saved us! We had a pirate who had completely ripped off our product, website, and was even using our own marketing materials to illegally spam people; promoting our stolen product. Antisharing was quick to help us. They took all the measures needed to take down the piracy sites, and block their activities. It was comforting and reliving to have Anti Sharing take care of the pirates while we concentrated on running the business. They took all of the stress out of the ordeal.

Matt Sarge, Affiliate Manager, Natural Synergy (Top Selling ClickBank Product)

Awesome and great takedown service. I liked the speed at which the piracy links were identified, reported and taken down. Once the unauthorized links were delisted, it helped my own pages come up in the search engines.
Antisharing was very responsive in reporting the results and keeping me updated.
Highly recommmended.

Jay Finley, Digital Product Developer
I picked this up for another 4 products. To date, every single illegal share of my products has stopped. These guys are brilliant, and they are on top of everything going on in the black hat space. If you have information products and you want to make money, YOU NEED this service. You can otherwise sit around and watch your sales drop as more and more people come on board and steal your work. Highly recommended provider. Knowledgeable, prompt service. Extremely helpful and responsive
Matt Jersan, Internet Marketer

Great job! I’ve had as many as 600 people at one time actively seeding my products, so your DMCA work is making a huge impact– even making profitability seem like a real possibility again!
Punching the Buy Now button on your site is one of the best investments I’ve made in a long time!
Thanks again!

J. D. Fuentes, Author

You guys are awesome.
I will be spreading the word about your topnotch DMCA takedown services.
Thank you for the prompt takedown and detailed reporting.
I look forward to working with you with other projects.

Steve M, Software Developer