Online Piracy of Content and Digital Artifacts is an extremely serious problem that plagues today’s businesses. It is the single biggest threat for every business that thrives on the mechanism of digital delivery. Online piracy stops businesses from realizing the maximum profit out of their products and causes the siphoning of hard dollars that could have gone into your profit stream. Once a product gets released online, someone acquires the product and starts sharing it illegally. From starting to be shared illegally on a single site, it rapidly starts spreading across hundreds of file sharing networks, almost always camouflaged with different file names, different descriptions and formats.

Its not uncommon for digital contents to be illegally downloaded in hundreds and thousands once it starts residing on file sharing networks. Each and every download is actually your rightful income which is being distributed with you getting no share out of it. Lets take a few scenarios to understand the ramifications a bit better. We will consider the example of a Internet Marketer who has created a Plugin which he sells for $20. As happens, within days of him releasing this software, it gets uploaded on multiple filesharing networks and within a few weeks clocks up-to 300 illegal downloads (this is a very, very conservative number). In short this internet marketeer has lost 300 * $20 = $6000 of his rightful income within the first month itself. Every subsequent month he will again lose sales as people will search and locate his contents and download them illegally. Lets take on an average 20 sales per month; this works out to 20 * $20 = $400 of loss every month. Plug in the average cost at which you sell your digital product(s) along with substituting the number of sales made in the first month and then subsequently every month in the preceding example and you will have a ball-park of how much online internet piracy and illegal sharing is affecting your business.

Do People Actually Search For Free (Illegal) Content?.

You bet, most of them do. The typical audience for internet marketing based products is almost always people who themselves are internet marketeers, affiliate or site owners. As such most of them are well versed in using computers, internet searches and are often part of various online communities and forums. New and popular software and digital products are always in the news and they get talked and shared through them. So whenever they hear of some new or popular product the first thing they do is search for illegal downloads and most often they will get them easily; and thus bypass purchasing your product legally.

So What Can Be Done To Fight This And Preserve Your Profits?.

The solution to this burning problem is a multi-pronged one. First one would need to locate all instances where the software or digital artifact is being illegally shared. Here the files need to be searched using various techniques, keyword combinations and other searching criteria. Search engines are one part of this exercise. One would also need to sniff out instances in other areas such as black hat and other forums, which are typically never indexed by search engines, or may not have been indexed yet. Then for each such instance it would be required to find out the associated content providers where the files reside illegally. Every such instance would then require a proper DMCA Takedown request to be sent to the right people, communicate with them in answering their questions, provide them evidence in the required format and subsequently follow up with them in getting the content removed. This as you would see is a very labor intensive process. And this process of searching, locating and then communicating with the providers needs to be done every single day as new instances of illegal uploading will occur. Or the easier solution is to engage with a professional provider of such DMCA Takedown services such as Anti Sharing and let them handle it on your behalf.

Will Antisharing Takedown Services Really Help My Business?.

It definitely would. Period. As people would try locating your content and subsequently with them not finding it, as it would been already taken down, they would pause and think whether they should go ahead and buy it. Serious buyers who understand the value of your software or digital artifact are very likely to go ahead and purchase it in order to save them time that they would have spent fruitlessly in trying to search your content for illegal download. Assume you have engaged with us and even if one person actually buys legally from you, because of not finding it elsewhere, then the cost of our monthly service will be paid by this one single sale only. All subsequent sales are your pure profit which would have been lost due to illegal downloads and piracy.