Anti Sharing provides professional DMCA Takedown Services to prevent your digital content and artifacts from being illegally shared and downloaded. We undertake DMCA Content Takedown services for:

  • Product Creators
  •  EBook Authors
  • Clickbank Product Creators
  • Software Developers
  • Theme Developers
  • Kindle Authors
  • Plug-Ins Creators
  • Internet Marketers
  • And anyone whose product is being shared online illegally.

Anti Sharing Offers Convenient & Affordable Packages:

Starter Package
For 1 Month
Silver Package
For 3 Months
Gold Package
For 6 Months
Platinum Package
For 12 Months
No. Of Products To Monitor 1 Upto 3 Upto 3 Upto 3
24/7 Monitoring & Seeking
Instant Reporting
Dedicated DMCA Agent
Unlimited Number of Takedowns
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If You Have More Than 3 Products, Then Get In Touch With Us For A Custom Plan For Your Specific Needs. Click Here  – Get In Touch