1. Do you provide legal/lawyer based services?
No. We are not a law firm and do not provide legal services. You would need to contact your lawyers for legal services and resolutions.

2. Do you provide torrent takedown / de-listing services too?
Yes. Torrent files though by nature are extremely distributed and the digital content typically resides in personal computers of users instead of servers of some file service provider. Any software on torrent would probably be seeded and leeched in thousands of personal computers. We use a two pronged approach of getting the torrents removed from the torrent search sites; or we get the entries removed from the search engine listings to minimize the spread of illegal links.

3. Can I upgrade my plan midway?
Sure. This can be done. You would only be charged for the difference in between the existing and the new plan, and would then get to enjoy the benefits of the new plan immediately, for the remainder of the validity period.

4. By when can I expect to receive reports and status of the happenings with my products?
Immediately. As soon as your order gets confirmed, our team will start locating and initiating takedown requests, and you would get a report of all such actions that we have undertaken.

5. What all information does the report contain?
The report will contain the URL’s of the places where your software was located, evidential screenshots of the same, and the status of our initiated DMCA Takedown request. The reports contents can in fact be used by your legal team if so desired for any reason.

6. How much time does it take for the illegal content to be taken down from one provider?
Usually we see the offending content being removed within 12 to 24 hours of the instance being reported with proper details. In case the provider would like to talk to you or seek more details, it could get extended by another 12-24 hours.

7. Which is the best package that is recommended?
Long term plans of 6 months or more are recommended by us, as you get deep discounts on longer duration packs, as well as continue to have your software and other digital artifacts monitored and removed from illegal sites.

8. Is it cost-effective to be engaged with Anti Sharing?
Absolutely. You just have to factor the time (and consequently cost) what a typical exercise that comprises of searching, locating and then communicating with every service provider from the list of 1000’s of illegal instances that would come. Add to it the time required for follow up with each of them, and providing them with clarifications. Now add to it the time required to perform this entire exercise, every single day. It’s better that you stick with your core-competencies, that is creating and selling your product, and we stick to ours, i.e. monitoring and getting your content taken down from illegal downloads, that makes it a win-win for both of us.

9. Can I terminate my package midway?
Absolutely. But this can be done only on Gold and Platinum packages. You would be slotted on the immediate lesser package for the amount of days you have consumed the service, and then get a refund for the remainder of the days for which you would want to opt out. This is done to ensure that the discounts we provide for long term packs are not misused. For e.g. If you are a Platinum package holder, and decide to terminate your services say at the end of the 7th month, then you would be bracketed and charged as a Gold package holder for the 7 months already consumed, and the remainder amount would be refunded within 15 days.

10. I have another question which you haven’t covered here. What do I do?
Please get in touch with us here. And we promise to get back to you in double quick time with our response.