Illegal Downloads and Sharing are eating away your sales and profit, and you know it. Illegal content sharing and downloads cause businesses to lose 1000’s of dollars in sales. Fighting this evil takes a lot of time , as it involves searching multiple search engines, forums as well as file sharing networks, preparing DMCA Takedown Notices in the correct format, contacting the ISP’s and Sites where your illegal and unauthorized content resides, and communicating with them in taking it down. And worse you need to repeat this activity every day! Clearly, this is a laborious task.

Anti Sharing provides professional DMCA Takedown Services to prevent your digital content and artifacts from being illegally shared and downloaded. We undertake DMCA Content Takedown services for:

  • Product Creators
  •  EBook Authors
  • Clickbank Product Creators
  • Software Developers
  • Theme Developers
  • Kindle Authors
  • Plug-Ins Creators
  • Internet Marketers
  • And anyone whose product is being shared online illegally.

How Does This Illegal Sharing & Downloads Content TakeDown Process Work?

  • You Engage With Us
  • You Provide Details Of Your Product(s)
  • You Provide Authorization To Act On Your Behalf To Send Notices
  • We Start Monitoring Of Your Product’s Illegal Shares and Downloads
  • Sophisticated 24/7 Monitoring Using Proprietary Software
  • Monitoring of Search Engines, Forums, Black Hat Sites, Serial Distribution Sites, Crack Sites and Hundreds of Other Distribution Points
  • Evidence Collection Of Illegal Links and Pages
  • Raise DMCA Takedown Notices To Hosting Sites
  • Raise DMCA Takedown Notice To Search Engines
  • Follow Up  & Issue Clarifications With The Content Hosting Sites
  • Escalate To ISP in Case of Delay / No Response
  • Links Get Removed
  • You Make More Sales
  • We Continue 24/7 Monitoring

How Much Will It Cost Me To Protect My Product(s)?

Anti Sharing offers the most competitive prices for Illegal Content Sharing and Downloads Take-down services. Unlike other providers who charge upto $199 for a single takedown, we offer extremely affordable packages comprising of a Starter package that costs a mere $20 / month for 1 product, to conveniently designed long term packages which offer deep discounts we make it extremely affordable for you to protect your products from illegal shares and downloads. In fact the per month cost for protecting 1 of your products will be less than 1 or 2 sales of your product itself, and thereafter this service will continue to bring in more and more sales for you.

Starter Package
For 1 Month
Silver Package
For 3 Months
Gold Package
For 6 Months
Platinum Package
For 12 Months
No. Of Products To Monitor 1 Upto 3 Upto 3 Upto 3
24/7 Monitoring & Seeking
Instant Reporting
Dedicated DMCA Agent
Unlimited Number of Takedowns
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Go Ahead and Try Us Out. Its 100% Risk Free for you. Get illegal shares and downloads removed. And be confident, this service will payback for itself right from the 1st week. And with every illegal share and download link that we will take-down, you are bound to make more sales.